Tasca Studios will focus on capturing a series of videos for Sterling Fund Discovery to help educate and inform potential clients on their services.

Tasca Studios will work alongside the attorneys at Sterling Funds Discovery to execute the video series. This includes a Discovery session, video production, and video uploading and optimization to website and YouTube!.



  • Capture a series of videos that will help educate potential clients on why Sterling Fund Discovery is a top choice for property owners.

  • Guide SFD on how to utilize video in closing more deals.

  • Create compelling videos to help drive traffic.

  • Increase brand awareness in social media.

Option 1:

  • Discovery & Strategy Session.

  • (5) Videos | (1) Services Video. (1) FAQ Video. (1) Testimonial Video. (1) About Us Video. (1) How to Hire the Right Tax Attorney Video.

Total: $3,000

Option 2:

  • Discovery & Strategy Session.

  • (3) Videos | (1) Services Video. (1) FAQ Video. (1) About Us Video.

Total: $2,000

Option 3:

  • Discovery & Strategy Session.

  • (2) Videos | (1) Services Video. (1) FAQ Video.

Total: $1,500

Option 4:

  • Discovery & Strategy Session.

  • (1) Videos | (1) About Us Video.

Total: $750

Additional Services:

  • Local Search

  • Website Optimization

  • Website Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media

  • Photography

Estimated Timeline:

Discovery & Strategy: 1 Week
Video Production & Editing: 1-2 Weeks
Delivery/Launch: 3 Weeks


50% Deposit to start
25% First benchmark 
25% Delivery

Our Work

We collaborated with Renew Vitality to create a series of videos that would explain the services they offer along with a series of FAQ to inform potential patients before a consultation to help expedite the sales cycle.

The videos were also used in blog post’s to help rank the website in Google. Check out our work below.

Next Steps

Next steps would be to discuss any questions you may have. From there if we feel this would be a great fit, then we would draft an agreement and proceed from there.