Insurance Company Case Study

Video Scope

Protective Life Corporate wanted to find a way to thank their Pompano Beach branch, "US Warranty" for their teamwork during Hurricane Irma. They contacted us seeking advice on the best way to capture the South Florida team while highlighting their company culture.

Our Solution

Our video crew got in touch with headquarters and scheduled a video shoot at their Pompano Beach location. We met with the US Warranty team to understand their employees and create a compelling story line. 

Pre-Production & Shoot Day

We met for a pre-production meeting to go over set design, desired shot lists, and coordinating a schedule with multiple employees in different departments. It was a full-day production with a 3-person team capturing interviews with over 10 staff members and highlighting their facility.






$2K - $2.5K


Corporate Video


3-Minutes & 40 Seconds


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