Corporate Video

These types of videos are used to optimize and streamline multiple areas of your business. Companies utilize these videos by recruiting new talent, highlight their values, showcase their amazing team, or even by saving money with pre-recorded training videos!




Our team at Tasca Studios is built to effectively execute every step of your video ad. Once a project is started, we’ll assign you an account manager as your personal point of contact. We’ll schedule a Discovery Meeting to get to know your team and understand your goals.

Once we’ve gotten to know each other, we move into the pre-production phase of the project. This phase is highly customizable to your video and can include a variety services including:

  • Storyboarding & Shot-list Creation

  • Production Scheduling

  • Conducting Multiple Employee Interviews

  • Capturing Company Events


That’s a wrap! Once we’ve reached our final day of production, the real magic happens. Our editors will put together your story and add any necessary branding, graphics and color correction. Once the video is approved we can assist with uploading it to your website or Youtube Channel!


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