Types of Services

Video Production is more than just hitting record. As a full service media agency, we offer a wide spectrum of post production services!

premiere editing.jpeg


Shooting a great story is one thing, putting it all together is another. Our editing team uses powerful storytelling tactics to elevate any project and create a story that sells! ($75/HR) 


Video marketing & DISTRIBUTION

Our video marketing strategies allows you to strategically distribute a video project that is tailored to your audience and marketing campaign. We do everything from YouTube optimization and ranking to the first page to targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads. Along with uploading the video to your website. (Services start at $150)


sound design.jpeg


Video isn't just about what you see, but what you hear! Audio is a subtle but powerful way to set tone and greatly impact the overall quality of your video. We provide a wide spectrum of services such as sound design, mixing & mastering to enhance every aspect of your video. ($75/HR) 


Bring your videos to life by color correcting and enhancing your shots to set a mood or tone for your project. Color grading gives your video consistency that turns your videos into a high quality production!