Why having a video on your website is a must...

Local business owners have a lot to keep up in the marketing world today. The value of your business is predicated mainly on how the digital public responds to your branding awareness. While it seems wise and socially strategic to establish a budget dedicated towards a top notch website; what’s the point if your visitors don’t turn into customers?

A beautiful website isn’t necessarily the wrong road, but it may lead you to a dead end.  (Bringing high volume traffic to your site is only half the battle, there needs to be more energy put into higher conversions) There is so much focus and pressure on bringing traffic to your site, but not enough on conversions. Google’s algorithm favors websites that have that ‘stickiness’ that keeps people staying on their site longer. Bounce back rates can be like the black plague for small businesses. So be sure to monitor your analytics and find ways to keep your visitors on your site and away from your competitors. 

According to the researchers at Unbounce, they observed that by adding a video to their homepage they saw a 10% increase in their conversion rates. Today video accounts for over 50% of traffic on web and Cisco declared that by the end of 2020 it will reach 82%!

You know the value your services can bring to people, all you have to do is let video position your business to be found! Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine on the Internet. Since Youtube was bought by Google in 2006 videos have more authority and ranked higher on searches.

It gives you the power to connect instantly with potential clients, establish a desired perception of your business while giving you the advantage of standing out amongst your competition. It’s your business's way of initiating a relationship with prospective customers and gain their trust. 

Company profile videos are a triple threat for your business! By having a favored website with valuable content and a low bounce back rate Google will reward you with climbing Google's social ladder. Video gives you the advantage of setting the first impression for your business while connecting with potential clients. All while standing out amongst your competitors. It’s time to turn those clicks into customers.