3 ways to optimize your small business for 2017!

girl on iphone

With the New Year around the corner, Social Media platforms are quickly tying up loose ends to adapt to our evolving market. Here are 3 ways to optimize your business for the New Year!

1. Google

    If you still haven’t made the jump to a mobile responsive site, prepare to feel the wrath of Google! Which will be giving priority search results to businesses that have invested towards a mobile friendly website! It was declared on Google’s Blog that they are following the market’s demand for a mobile-friendly user experience.

“Most people are searching Google using a mobile device. To make our results more useful, we’ve begun experiments to make our index mobile-first.”

       Be sure that your small business takes advantage of Google’s algorithm preferences by customizing your website’s content for maximum mobile performance. By shortening your written content, adding a video, and optimizing your images upload speeds by using sites such as tinypng.com are sure ways for your companies to thrive with Google’s search shift.

2. Facebook App update

Facebook’s latest App update pushes users towards a video experience. Facebook has created a search bar that is solely dedicated to finding you VIDEOS! The social media giant has incorporated a section in your news feed that shows what groups are currently live, and blue dots next to videos that you haven't seen yet. Take advantage of this update to increase your brand’s exposure, with both live and native videos.  

3. Instagram

Instagram’s new feature that is in the midst of their launch! It will allow their 300 million daily users to discover and shop for products, without having to leave the platform! According to Instagram, over 80% of smartphone users is the US browse, research, or compare products via a mobile app. Kate Spade is one of 20 companies that will test Instagrams shoppable tagging feature that reveals the green price tag of a product without the cost of the aesthetic of the photo. Consumers will no longer be bothered with having to leave the post to “check the link in the bio”, shoppable tags lets people buy by clicking on the product and being sent to the retailer's website. Is Instagram trying to pave the way to being the largest e-commerce mobile app? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Happy Holidays