5 Things You Should Know About Facebook Video Ads

5 things you should know about Facebook Video Ads

Video, Video, Video! I feel like a broken record, if you aren’t taking advantage of Facebook Video ads by now...well,  you should be! With over 1 billion daily users on a single platform, Facebook has become the center of attention for modern day marketers and business owners alike. In Facebook's last quarter, it was announced that“ The number of videos posted by brands has increased 3X in just one year.” Here're 5 things you should know about Facebook Video Ads.

1. It’s Cheap

Facebook Video Ads are extremely underestimated and undervalued.  We consistently push and encourage video ads to our clients why? Well, it’s cheap, how cheap? Real cheap! With engagement running as low $0.39 Per Page Like and numerous campaigns paying little as $0.01 per post engagement.

(Campaign we ran for Vintage Craft Barbershop on a budget of $15 reaching over 12K people)

2. Know your goals

Facebook has one of the world's most advanced targeting systems. Be sure to know your marketing objective. Looking to reach people near your business? Selling a product online? Facebook allows you to do just that! With native videos being favored by Facebook's algorithm you’re already one step ahead!

3. Make it count!

You only have 3 seconds...literally. Facebook autoplay’s video ads, so maximize the first 3 second to capture the customer's attention. Optimize your engagement by using bright, bold colors, powerful action shots and don’t forget a killer copy!

4. Sharing is caring!

Invodo declared that 92% of mobile video consumers share with other users. According to Facebook, a video is easier to share and outperforms photos and text on ads by 35%. Making it easier for users to tag friends and share your content on multiple platforms.  

(Juliette Restaurant- Profile Business Video, organically reached over 1K views and 14 shares between Facebook and Youtube)

(Juliette Restaurant- Profile Business Video, organically reached over 1K views and 14 shares between Facebook and Youtube)

5. Subtitles, really?

Facebook declared that they’ve reached 8 billion daily video views, that’s over 40% increase from last year! What really threw people for a loop, is that over 80% of facebook users watch videos without sound! Use subtitles to maintain the user’s attention while providing an uninterrupted digital experience.  Adding subtitles and closed captions to your Youtube videos; not only increases your ranking with SERP on Google but also Youtube. ( The World's 2nd Largest Search Engine!)

Facebook Video  Ads give your business the opportunity to lower your marketing cost while increasing conversions! Mark Zuckerburg said it best, “We move towards a world where video is at the heart of all our services” He predicts that by 2019 all Facebook traffic will be video.