Facebook Introduces Group Video Chat!

Facebook, the Social Media Powerhouse isn’t waiting for the ball to drop to introduce their newest features! They have introduced the highly anticipated feature that allows groups to be able to video chat! This Group Video Chat is extended to both Apple, Android, and desktops users! And with over 200 million messenger users using video calls in a single month, this update is a real people pleaser.

This update allows you to video chat face to face with 6 users on a split screen, but up to 50 people can talk, listen, and add themselves to a group chat and observe the dominant speaker. This feature is as easy to use, as it is to install! All you have to do to get started is to update your Messenger App and start joining and creating groups!

Facebook is becoming a one-stop shop for digital communication for both small and large businesses. You will finally be able to have conference calls, show listings on new properties, and host pop-up meetings and events all from a single platform!

Apps like Skype, Snapchat and Houseparty are really feeling  2017’s heat and it’s not even the New Year! This just goes to show you it doesn’t matter how big your brand or popularity is, the market waits for no one and if you aren’t progressive is staying updated with social media and global demand your reputation may be in the digital graveyard.