How testimonials persuade your customers

Testimonial videos are the perfect way to convert new customers! Word of mouth reputability never goes out of style and potential customers really value the feedback that comes from their peers and it gives your company more credibility. Researchers at Dimensional announced in a recent survey that 90% of consumers who recalled online reviews said that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions. 

Business owners have to understand the emotional nature of their consumer brain and the psychology of why people buy their products. People aren’t buying your products and services, they are purchasing the solution to their problem. No matter what your market is, your product has to solve their problem. So you have to ask yourself,

  • Why is your product valuable?

  • What problems are you solving?

  • And how are you making their lives better?

So you’ve already done the hard part, you’ve created a business with a respected reputation, and all you have to do is create an environment where you are able to showcase your services while allowing potential consumers to not feel "sold to" 

Testimonial Video


In this testimonials Nu Bandage did a great job on showcasing how versatile their product is for different lifestyles. The video shows how three customers solved their problems but also improved their quality of life. Creating an essence of authenticity and genuine care. 

Review Vieo

Review videos are a great way to share your customer's positive experiences without the financial investment of a testimonial video. They require less commitment and work on your end and are more affordable for small businesses getting started with video. All you need is a few good reviews, photos of your website and 197$ and you're ready!

Testimonioal and review videos are a great tool for increasing your local SEO ranking which will give you more authority in search results. By incorporating your testimonial or review video on your website it increases conversion by 86% (WebDam), and keep potential customers from bouncing back, and onto your competitors.