How to use a Lead Magnet for your Business


So what’s a lead magnet? A lead magnet is the value you give to potential clients in exchange for general information. Gary Vaynerchuk said it best  “Give value, give value, give value, then ask for their business; I’m a big fan of becoming the honey and letting the bees come to me”. Lead magnets can be a guide, E-book, video training, or a promo code! When the reputation of your brand is associated with always giving without expecting something in return, you attract the right types of customers.


It’s crucial to practice patience and use QUALITY lead magnets. It’s easy to be eager for results but people know the smell desperation and a positive reputation should not be at the expense of seeming “spamey”. Let your lead magnet stand strong as your first impression with prospective customers. Here are a few tips to ensure your lead doesn’t go unnoticed.


  • Keep it accessible! Lead magnets perform more effectively when there is a minimal delivery wait. This can be achieved by using an automatic service

  • Make sure it isn’t too lengthy, it’s quality--not quantity that should be judged so make sure that it is easy to get through.

  • It helps if your lead solves a real problem for your audience. This creates more of a desire and initiative for them to exchange their email.

  • Don’t be general! The more specific your lead magnet is the better your conversions will be.

Now that you have your honey, you have to find the bees! Facebook has an extensive and cost efficient targeting advertising systems that allow you to be a specific as possible when defining your target audience when using Facebook’s Power Editor. This database can find prospective customers based on age, gender, location, interest and even spending habits! If you’d like to learn more about taking control of your own advertising, check out this blog (here) or you can contact us for a free Facebook consultation.