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West Palm Beach Business Video - How to prepare for a video shoot

Behind the Scenes filming a corporate video

Shooting business videos requires a considerable amount of planning. Pre-production is essential for a successful shoot, it also helps keep everyone in the loop with the upcoming shoot in regards to the production.



This is usually the best time to touch base with clients and reconfirm everything is set for the shoot and check if there’s any updates or changes. upcoming shoot date! Our email confirmation include…

  • Shoot Date

  • Location Address

  • Arrival Time and Departure Time

  • Script/Interview Questions (optional)

  • What they should wear on camera

  • How to best prepare their interview location

Touching base a week in advance gives us the opportunity to reconfirm the shoot details and avoid any miscommunication. This is also a friendly reminder to the client and gives them a chance to ask any remaining questions.



A successful shoot date starts the night before! So, it’s essential to make an equipment checklist and prep all the necessary gear the night before to avoid leaving anything important behind. This can include…

  • Formatting SD cards

  • Packing extra memory cards

  • Charging all camera and light batteries

  • Prepping camera bag with appropriate lenses

  • Packing any audio recorders, tripods, or lighting equipment.



Our team usually arrives 15 minutes early to avoid any traffic or accidents. Upon arrival, we always touch base with the client and let them know that the crew has arrived and will begin setting up the equipment. Once everything is setup, we can start recording! Check out the video below and get a more in depth view on what happens behind the camera.

(Gabe Vlog)

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