Why you need video for your business!


Researchers at Adobe reported that over 52% of marketers worldwide have declared video to be the most useful medium with the greatest ROI. Luckily, in this day and age,  video production is more affordable than ever! With everything being mobile-optimized, one-on-one interactions have become rare and much more meaningful. Due to this, a video has become a great way to target potential clients that are on the go and don’t have time to read your blog AFTER they find you on the 3rd page of Google.                    

Don’t get me wrong – blogs with rich content-filled articles are great! In fact, you’re reading one of them right now – but you're already interested, and you’re already searching. You have to respect your client's attention and understand that they don’t have time to spare. So expecting them to read through reviews on various platforms to try to figure who you are, what your product is or even if you're trustworthy, is a tad unrealistic.

A recent case study by Video Rascal revealed that 85% of people are more likely to purchase a product or service once they’ve seen an accompanying video. A visual explanation such as this enables you to clarify the mission and objective of your product or service for your clients. Consumers are able to retain a deeper insight of your company and what it has to offer without all the confusion that can come from a block of endless text.  It’s an exceptional marketing tool that increases conversion rates.

On the web, videos are everywhere! Something partly due to Google’s algorithm, which ranks articles, media and posts by the amount of time people are staying on each site. According to Spark Marketing, websites that have video rank higher in Google search because the average person online will spend 88% more of their time on that specific website while also reducing your  bounce back  ratio! This not only brings more exposure to you company but also increases your conversion rates! (Source: Mist Media)   For decades, word of mouth has been the key factor responsible for the awareness and success of a business. While we certainly believe it is still important, times are changing! Today, people who love your product can share it more easily than ever and are no longer limited to only your homepage but can also easily access other sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Yelp! P.S. Youtube is the world's 2nd largest search engine owned by Google.

Let’s recap! With video you increase your conversions rates, add clarity to your business and gain exposure by making it easily shareable. So far, having a Profile Business Video sounds pretty good, amirite?  You and video seem like the perfect match! It’s not a question up for debate the fact that video is the way to go these days. Yet what I’m more interested in is you, as a business owner… Why haven’t you felt inclined to have a video for your business? What are you concerns, questions, and hesitations? Most importantly, why are you interested in it now? Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear your thoughts and help you out on your journey.