What to do before boosting your next post!

DON'T boost your post!

I know it seems tempting to boost your post when you see your engagement, but that's the easy way out! By “boosting” a post, you're decreasing your chances for organic reach, and missing out on Facebook’s Power Editor. The Power Editor allows you to expand your targeting for audiences with more subcategories like, income, zip code, spending habits and even what type of car they drive!


     1. Target your Ad

         Facebook has an extensive and cost efficient targeting         advertising systems that allow you to be a specific as possible when defining your target audience. Facebook’s database can find prospective clients based on age, gender, location, interest and even spending habits! Facebook’s Power Editor lets you create a campaign with several objectives that include awareness consideration and conversions.


     2. Create a custom audience

       A custom audience is a group of users found based on information that you provide or is found through Facebook’s tools. This information can be gathered by a customer file, email list, website pixels and Facebook Engagement. For additional information on creating a custom audience, you can follow a step by step guide provided by Facebook Business.



      3. Find your look-a-like audience.

       Facebook Ads has a subset that allows you to use its index to generate a look-alike audience with similar interests or behaviors has a custom audience. This is an effective way to not only increase your fanbase but find the right kinds of customers that will love your product! You can even target people who’ve never “liked” or interacted with your page!

Think before you boost!