Types of Videos

Check out our videos below, and see what style of production fits your needs! 



These videos are one of the best ways to introduce your business, story, and service! Profile business videos address the problems your customer may have and how your business solves them!

EVENT recap / teaser VIDEOS

Whether you want to capture a fun and exciting experience or build attendance and sponsorship for future events. Event recap videos are a great way to promote your event across multiple platforms. 

                                                                             CORPORATE VIDEOS

Corporate Culture videos humanize your business and highlight the team that makes your business so great! Showcase your brand and your story on a more personal level - all while having fun! You can include bloopers, company events, founders, and conferences. 


Rather than tell people what you do, show them! Service-Based Videos are the perfect way to promote your skill set and expertise. By visually showcasing yourself in action,  clients can already envision you at their event and location!  



Voice-over videos add a sophisticated element to your video without requiring a huge investment or time on location. In fact, all you really need is an informative and well-crafted script and you’re ready to go! They're an affordable way to showcase your brand and get the most bang for your buck.


How-to videos are a great way to teach and educate customers on something you already know they're interested in. But also as a great way to train your staff on new procedures and techniques.  


These types of videos offer step-by-step instructions to help guide and inform customers using your products. Instructional videos help explain difficult concepts while offering an educational aspect that is clear, concise and interesting to your target audience.


FAQ’s position yourself as an industry leader in your niche market while increasing your level of credibility. These types of videos are a great way to get found by curious customers searching the web and interested in your products and services.  


Have a new product you want to debut? These videos are a versatile way to promote specific products and market to a wider audience. No need for long, confusing text or  misinformed outside opinions. 

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS          Let your happy customers be your biggest advocates! Customer Testimonials gives your business credibility and shows people how much you value customer service. Testimonials are the best way to win over prospective customers who might be hesitant about your products.


These creative videos really sets the tone of your team and gives your audience an exclusive feel to your business. This also allows you to showcase your high-level production value and the quality of work you bring to your customers and why people should be excited to invest                                                         in your brand!


Animated videos allow you to explain services and concepts in a way that's fun and easy to understand! Our Explainer videos are surprisingly affordable and a great way to get started with video - without the commitment of a whole video crew.


Charity videos are the perfect way to showcase your event or non-profit organization. These results-driven productions help raise awareness, increase funding, gain future sponsorships, and shed light on important causes that aid your community.